No Time Like the Present

My current garage shop

My wife is awesome!  She is the reason I am making this blog entry today.  She has given me the inspiration, the time and most of all the encouragement to pursue my passion for woodworking.  She has agreed to let me move my workshop from my garage to our office inside the house.  This new location has a lot of advantages over my current setup.

First, it has natural light provided by two large east-facing windows, not southern as the optimum, but a great improvement over my florescent light I use in my current garage workshop.

Second, it will be a more comfortable location because my garage is not heated or cooled.  The lack of heating is not as big of  an advantage as the cooling,  the summers here in North Carolina are hot and humid and that is a very challenging environment for hand woodworking.

Third,  it is a clean slate and I can design the new space specifically to meet my woodworking needs.  My current space is pretty much a random grouping of items I have thrown together to make a workshop.  I have learned a bit about how I work and where I like to position my tools and furnishings for optimal efficiency.

The last advantage is that I am planning to install a hardwood floor to help my back while spending joyful hours standing at my workbench.

Come on and join me in this new adventure and watch my new space take shape.  Well,  I better get started, there’s no time like the present 🙂