Monthly Archives: June 2012

Time to Cure

This weekend was very busy.  I am about a week behind my original schedule, as I just finished installing the subfloor (actually I still have a few cement screws to put in).  I would like to thank my brother, Berry, for helping me with this difficult job.  We had a very lively discussion on the best orientation of the subfloor panels, but somehow we managed to get them installed.

My wife, Beth, and I  painted the workshop last weekend, and I really like the color we chose,  “Endive,” a Martha Stewart color from Home Depot in Behr single coat paint, which really lives up to its description; it only took one gallon to paint my whole workshop.  The paint has light green and yellow tints, and changes color throughout the day.  This will go well with the white oak flooring and my darker green tool chest, and keep the space a warm, welcoming and wonderful environment to hone my craft.

I also finished installing my new light fixture, but I will show this when I complete the space since there’s a good story to go with it…

I moved the flooring into the workshop to acclimate to the conditions in the house.  I needed to get this done by Sunday because I had a medical procedure scheduled on Monday, so the wood will acclimate while I heal.  The wood and I should be good to go at about the same time.

The above picture shows the transition from my existing floor to the workshop floor level.  This will keep the overall 1 1/2″ height increase from occurring right at the threshold.  I will be putting a floating panel into this space, which I will make from the flooring, and I will make the transition molding pieces from the excess flooring as well.

I have decided to leave the existing finish on the recycled flooring as it will save time and money.  It already has character, not to mention it is also the color we wanted, aged oak.  Now we wait for me to heal and the floor to acclimate.  We both should be ready in about 2 weeks.

– Aaron Henderson