Random Bits

This is the place where my random tool and woodworking meanderings end up.

o Saws 

Saw Filing – History and Background (Nice Filing Jig)

About My Saw Filing Technique

Disston lumberman handbook. Containing a treatise of the construction of saws and how to keep them in order, together with other information of kindred character (1918)

o Chisles and Gouges

o Planes

Tuning and Using Molding Planes

o Benches

Woodwright’s Shop – French Workbench – 2007-2008 Season Episode 5
Woodwright’s Shop – French Workbench – 2007-2008 Season Episode 6

o Striking Tools and Mallets

Make a Woodworking Mallet

o Measuring and Marking

Dividers and Chest Hinges from Peter Ross

o Workshop

Joiners and Cabinetmakers at Colonial Williamsburg

o Books and HowTo

Joiner And Cabinet Maker

The Essential Woodworker

Woodworking Tools 1600-1900 by Peter C. Welsh

o Plans

A Simpler French Workbench

o Blogs / Misc Websites

Matt has a couple of saws for sale

The Galoot’s Progress

o Misc Deals

Lee Valley – Classic Oilers

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