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  1. Todd Rudolph

    I just found your blog and love it I am jealous for the fact it’s nice and clean as I am in my shop and still trying to build appliances and read all I can as I have cut the cord and can’t be happier however I live in the wrong part of the country as in California and I can find a unicorn easier than finding reasonable priced old tools. Thanks for all the work and time of the blog. It gives me inspiration and I think I might one day have a lathe but will have to cheat somehow as I am in a wheelchair and don’t think I could make a spring pole work no matter how hard I try. Thanks again would love to see your sharping station mabe I missed that part but thanks for the info! Todd

  2. OldeToolWorkshop Post author

    HI Todd,

    Thanks for the kind words about my shop. As to my shop being clean, it does get messy. I usually clean between major parts of a project and at the end of the day. For finding tools, you may have some luck at Flea Markets or even Craigslist. That is where I have scored some pretty nice deals. I am very fortunate to have the Wood Wright School and Ed Lebetkin’s tool store so close (40 min) . I can definitely see where a spring pole lathe would present some challenges to you. I love the spring pole lathe for demonstrations, but for day-to-day usage I use my Jet mini lathe, I’m not getting any younger you know. If I could lay my hands on a Barns #4 treadle lathe, I would probably use that, but they are very rare and Roy has two of them that I know of 🙂 I was great hearing from you and I encourage you to visit some the sites and read the references I have in my “Links” and “Library links”. And as always “Happy Shavings!” -Aaron


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