New Workshop

Here is my new workshop.  It is glorious!  I now have tons of room, great light, and a comfortable environment to work in.  The white oak floor is so much better on my back than the concrete in my garage.  As this is in my house, my family visits more frequently and gets more involved.  I would like to thank my wife for suggesting this; she knows this was the right choice every time she sees the joy on my face while I am working here.

As with any workshop, this is a work in progress, and there are some additional things to do.  I was getting antsy and needed to do some woodworking, so I moved most all my tools in and started doing work.  At some point I will be adding molding around the floor.  I am still undecided whether to sand the floor.  It is not entirely flush across the different rows, but it is already finished and this would save me the expense.  It is quite slippery and this could present some issues going forward.  I will have to use it for a while to decide what course I will take.  Now to get a vintage working pedestal fan…